6 Weeks and 4 Days until my first 5K!   I have so much work to do!  Last night was an “off” night for me on excercise.  The old me would have just loved laying on the couch vegging out to the TV.  Now I can’t seem to sit still. I feel like I am doing something wrong not working out on my off day.
Tonight is my BL Wii night.  I’m down to the last two weeks then I’ll move on to something else.  I bought Bob’s Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD. I read the back of it the other night and it said that I would need kettle bells and a couple of other things.,… so I think I’l lmake the Kettle Bells be my reward for finishing the Wii program.
Kettle Bells, a reward,  Who am I?  Those things are expensive though.
I’ve been breaking out on my face like a teenager in puberty. Except that when I was a teenager, I never broke out. Oh I ocassionally had one zit pop up, but never a full scale breakout. I asked my Dr about this at my last visit on the 5th and he thinks it is a hormone imbalance. He said that fat stores estrogen and when you are burning fat the estrogen is released. Interesting, I’d never heard that before. I thought maybe it was just because I sweat alot more. However I have religiously cleaned my face after every workout to help prevent breakouts and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I’ve tried Clearasil, astringents, scrubs.. I ‘m not sure what else to do.
I did hop on the scale this morning.  213.8 lbs